SharRon Jamison truly is a triple threat, a woman who shines in so many ways. She is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, visionary, and life strategist, and Minister  for Victory for  the World Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia.
SharRon Jamison has been teaching principles of love and self-empowerment for more than 25 years and like so many ‘specialists’ her power comes from having lived and healed from her own adversity. SharRon grew up on St. Louis, and from a very young age, was bullied and the victim of racism. her inner child writes about her feelings back then stating, ” I was a little black girl, who was worthless, dirty, ignorant and not deserving of love. Living in a society that was polluted with discrimination, bias and prejudice convinced me that I was nothing, and sometimes I was convinced that I was less than nothing. Despite or in spite of her youth, SharRon overcame many ‘dis’orders and found her career journey taking her from owning a fitness studio to managing multimillion dollar accounts for an international biotech firm.
Today as CEO of The Jamison Group, she offers leadership training and development while specializing in personal transformation and relational healing.
SharRon is also the author of 4 books, including her bestselling anthology, The Strength of My Soul: Stories of Sisterhood, Triumph and Inspiration, which was awarded the Indie Literary Awards for Best Anthology of the Year and the book continues to be recognized for its inspirational stories. She is also a contributing author to three anthologies that are scheduled for release in 2017, one of which she shares with me titled “I BARED my CHEST.. 20 Unstoppable Women DIG FOR BOLD and share their Naked Truth”
Her other books include, , I Can Depend on Me, I Have Learned A Few Things and The Strength of My Soul