Taking a Chance to Win may be the title of Wellington Manjengwa’s book, but the Black Mamba’s Anti Poaching Unit took a chance on an all female Reserve Unit and are winning the war on poaching. In fact, it’s down 68% since 2014.
Joining Frankie on this show is
Colett Ngobeni, a member of the famed B lack Mambas Anti Poaching Unit that services the Balule Reserve in South Africa.
This all female unit is trained to look for snares, release trapped animals, stop and arrest poachers and daily patrol on foot, 20 km of fence line that is keeping the animals in. and the people out.
They rely on donations to survive and to educate the next generation against poaching in their Bush Babies program. Any amount you can give would be greatly appreciated. To learn more go to www.thegoodradionetwork.com for full story and details.

Wellington Manjengwa is the author of Take a Chance and Win- Guide to Risk Management for Personal Decision. Frankie and Wellington discussed how to make the most important decision in one’s life- The Life :Partner. He also gave us good advice on how to use our own money to make money.
Please Go to www.thegoodradionetwork.com for full story and photos