Host Frankie Picasso had the pleasure of interviewing  two incredible Conservationists who have dedicated their lives to saving endangered species, Dr. Greg Rasmussen and Dr. Enzo Aliaga Rossel,  on FrankieSense & More!
The Painted Dog has roamed the earth for millions of years. They lived throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Less than 100 years ago, they were about 500,000 strong. Today less than 5000 remain and their very existence is threatened forever.
The Pink Dolphin is a fresh water RIVER dolphin living in the Rivers of Bolivia. This amazing mammal is threatened by civilization, the debris from building and sediment that clogs the rivers that hold them hostage. Both of these incredible creatures have a champion. For 25 years, Dr. Greg Rasmussen has studied and lived among the Painted Dog. For 12 years, Dr. Enzo Aliaga Rossel has been the lone voice advocate to keep the pink dolphin not just as a treasured icon of Bolivia but a ALIVE too!

Both scientists have their respective projects featured on the website of an organization called Endangered Species or ES REVENGE 

ES Revenge, was founded and is run by it's President Peter Gottesman, who felt strongly that bringing humor to wildlife conservation would attract millions of people to join the fight to save animals. The organization creates cute videos like the one's below that make people laugh while teaching them about animal biology and behavior, and it seems to be working.

Their goal is to partner with leading conservation scientists to raise money for urgent projects that protect endangered animals and help local people economically and specifically seek out  scientists who lead small to medium-sized grassroots non-profits, which spend nearly all their money on fieldwork, with little overhead, like my Two guests today. Both are featured on ES REVENGE… Dr. Rasmussen and Dr.  Aliaga Rossel
Go to https:thegoodradionework to find out more about these two scientists.  

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