Nancy Osborne is the real deal. A trailblazer for women. After 21 years in the Canadian armed forces, Nancy retired as a Major, not bad for a girl who joined them at 17 and was often the FIRST Female or the ONLY Female to lead men and be respected by them. Nancy left the Military to join the United Nations to support humanitarian operations in some of the most dangerous and culturally misogynistic places in the World; Sudan, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti and Papua New Guinea to name a few.
After retiring for the second time, Nancy became a speaker/workshop leader where she teaches her program ” I GOT THIS” Unlocking your Instincts. Her Unlocking Your Instincts one day workshop explores the tools, tactics and strategies that women can utilize to realistically assess risk and confidently confront a wide variety of situations. Nancy has a wonderful sense of humour and was a delightful guest. Check out her website at