Host Frankie Picasso introduces two of the 21 authors, Yvonne Heath and Isamar Carrillo Masso.who are featured in her upcoming Anthology I Bared My Chest- 21 Unstoppable Women Get Naked! This book offers readers 21 real life stories where these ladies have literally opened up and shared their souls with us. All their dashed dreams, all their triumphs, real, unfiltered and oh so transformational. They are BRAVE, They are BOLD and They are BALLSY!

Yvonne Heath has been a nurse since 1988, Yvonne has worked in Canada and the US, in every department from the emergency room and obstetrics, to chemotherapy, palliative care and hospice. Today she is an Inspirational Speaker and author of LOVE your LIFE to DEATH and founder of the JUST SHOW UP Movement who believes in talking about End of LIFE, WAY before it Happens. Isamar Carrillo Masso has been a teacher and an advocate for women’s rights in Venezuela and has been working on her PHD in England focused on video Games and women’s studies. Her work has been published in journals, conference proceedings and book chapters, and opened a conversation on the portrayal of women in media. Today she and her husband run a research and development company for medical devices, trying to change the life of people living with diabetesI B

It’s the Last Thursday of the Month, so The Good Radio Network Movie Correspondent Brent Marchant joins us today.. He will be reviewing -Dunkirk”, The Journey” , A Ghost Story” and Under the Sun”