Frankie Picasso had the best time interviewing Catherine Powers, wido of the late great Country Jazz player, Freddy Powers.
Catherine and Freddy Powers were married for over 25 years. With an age difference of 23 years, Catherine had fallen in love with Freddy from just his album cover. Sounds like a movie right? Wrong.. This was real life and Freddy Powers was a prolific performer and songwriter, most celebrated for co-writing numerous # 1 hits for Merle Haggard, notably including such fan fav’s as “Let’s Chase Each Other Around the Room Tonight,” “I Always Get Lucky With You,” “Natural High,” and “A Place to Fall Apart” among countless others. Freddy is the recipient of Lifetime Achievement Awards by the Nashville Songwriter’s Association International, the Texas Music Academy, and the Texas Guitar Association, the CMA Triple Play Award, and the BMI # 1 Song Award among other coveted distinctions and honors.
Catherine managed his career and his decline when Parkinsons stole his ability to walk and talk. Guest sTar Mary Sarah, Voice finalist and Freddy Powers Protege, surprised Catherine during the show. The Spree of 83 is a book written about the roller coaster career and life of Freddy Powers