In her book, Unlimited Realities-Born with the gift of sight and natural healing Elizabeth Joyce writes her memoir and gives us a wonderful glimpse into the life of one of the most celebrated psychics and healers.

AS a gifted “seer” and “healer” this book chronicles the journey of Elizabeth Joyce as she transcends from a life of pain and loss to fulfill her destiny of being of service to humanity. Instead of turning to negative influences, Elizabeth gazed inward to obtain her spiritual awareness. During a car accident, Elizabeth floated above her body, and gained great wisdom and knowledge from the Divine. The book alerts people that they have the power for transcendence personally. Through meditation, mystical union with God is possible to attain, for everyone. The powers that were previously considered only for the elite high yogis, and gifted can now be seen through reading the book, as a rites of passage. We all have the power to attain higher levels to help us solve the problems that everyday life can bring. Join Elizabeth’s Circle of Light every Sunday at 7:30 pm EST to bring HEALING Through the power of group prayers, healing take place spontaneously. You can be of help to many others, as well as your loved ones, with one minute of silence at 7:30 pm EST every Sunday evening anywhere in the world. With a prayer for the recovery of health, universal energy is sent out to any and all who send in their prayer request

Elizabeth is also the author of:

Opening to Your Intuition and Psychic Sensitivity: Developing Your Sixth Sense – Book One(Volume 1)
The NEW Spiritual Chakras: and How To Work With Them
Ascension—Accessing the Fifth Dimension
Psychic Attack, Are You A Victim?: Exorcise Yourself by Using Your Secret Energies
Seeding and Nurturing the Garden of Your Soul: Walking the Middle Road