Angelica Singh is the founder, facilitator and creator of a holistic approach to healing called The Embodiment Process. She trains other healers in her approach and works with individuals and groups utilizing biodynamic craniosacral therapy, trauma resolution, medical intuition, and depth consciousness work.
Angelica’s life-changing healing crisis began at the age of 28, which led her to a deep understanding of energy systems and trauma.
This event awakened Angelica’s healing abilities to new levels and through her intuitive abilities is able to help her clients find their own connection to themselves — their gifts, true purpose and passion — with the courage to follow their unique path.
Host Frankie Picasso and Angelica spoke of Shadows, karma, past lives and epigenetic trauma.
Look for the release  of Angelica’s online course in March of 2018 when she shares her work with individuals around the world seeking to be healed.