In this special edition of Mission Unstoppable Radio, Host Frankie Picasso, Author and Movie Critic Brent Marchant dialogue with award winning investigative journalist and Dutch filmmaker Renee Scheltema about her film ‘Normal is Over‘, in which she explores the state of our planet and seeks solutions for the issues that plague us right now.
Renee traveled the World, from South Africa to Canada seeking out experts , activists and folks whose lives have been dedicated to understanding the importance of our environment, happiness, human rights, climate change, endangered animals, ecology, natural resources and doing all they can to ensure survival of our planet.

The one thing that Renee has done really well in this film is to show how the decline and state of health of our planet is linked directly to one main root cause- the ECONOMY!
By 20/20 if we do not collapse our current system of economy, this planet is doomed and there will be no recovery. It’s going to take 200 Billion dollars a year to save it-less than 1/8 of the budget the World spends on their Military and it’s going to have to happen NOW!. But will it? It IS possible to SAVE our Planet but it will take mass mobilization by EVERYONE to create the tipping point for change. This is no longer a case of If , but When and we are running out of time.
If you have ever wondered or worried about what the future will be like for your children, or if you children or grandchildren will even have a future,  then the time has come for YOU to step forward and gather your own army and demand a new economy, a negative interest, circular economy. Consumerism MUST END NOW! We don’t need more Stuff!

The 1% percenters who own Half the World do not want change and are buying up resources so they can survive and control how the rest of us will live or die,  but we are now in dire straights. This is a case of ‘You can run, but you can’t hide’
Watch this VERY profound and Important film and enlighten yourself and those around you.

Renee does not use scare tactics or shout at us, but rather through  her interviews and emerging message comes across-..Listed are some of the experts/activists featured in the film.-  Prof. Bernard Lietaer ,Professor International Finance, Club of Rome-(the Club of Rome is a global think tank that deals with a variety of international issues, including the world economic system, climate change, and environmental degradation. ) Paul Gilding-Author, Social Activist, (Former CEO Greenpeace (Tasmania), Charles Eisenstein-dep-growth activist & Author of Sacred Economics, Prof. Lester Brown, Professor Agricultural Economy,Director World Watch Institute (Washington), Prof. Michael Mann –Meteorologist (US, Ta’Kaiya BlaneyFirst Nations, activist, singer, (Canada),Robert-Jan van Ogtrop -Circle Economy, part of the 1%. (Holland),Dr. Ian Mc Callum-Psychiatrist, Poet, Author.(South Africa), Dr. Vandana Shiva –Environmental activist, Author (India), Prof. Naomi Oreskes-History and Science (US)