It’s TRUE, IT STARTS  TODAY,Thursday September 14th , I  Frankie Picasso, ( that’s  founder of The Good Radio Network and host of FrankieSense & MORE is adding a new segment to her show called, ” TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD” 

I think we are ALL up to HERE..( hand way above my 5ft’ 1″  head ) with Bad News and I for one want to hear about the wonderful, amazing, big and little WINS you ALL have had lately so that we can raise the vibrations on our planet. If you don’t believe in vibrations, then tell me because it’s FUN to Remember. 🙂

Soooo.. please call in and tell me that your preschooler loved the first day of school, or you got your new  cat to poop in the kitty litter.. how about SCORING the LAST jar of Peanut Butter on the grocery store shelf.. hey that’S GOOD news, or the store extended their sale price to you.. OR.. How about your FAMILY SURVIVED Two Hurricanes, You were accepted to the college of your choice.. Your spouse remembered your anniversary, your boyfriend brought you flowers for no reason.. there are SO MANY bits of our day that are good. Let’s share them together. Your baby said MAMA!!!

How to get in touch?  You can dial 903 787-5887 and My producer will bring you on AIR.. or ADD our Phone number to  Skype as a contact and Call us that way.. again, my producer will bring you on AIR and if you want to listen in during the LIVE broadcast.. CLICK HERE at 12:56 PM EDT