Dr Carly Snyder is one of a very small and select group of Doctors who specialize in comprehensive reproductive psychiatry , women’s peri-emotional struggles, and women’s mental health services.
Dr. Snyder spoke with Mission Unstoppable host Frankie Picasso about Post Partum Depression, Pregnancy, Motherhood and menopause. In each stage of a Woman’s life, there are contributing factors that can destabilize her well being and mental health.
Often these women feel targeted, guilty and less than. Dr. Snyder’s approach to healthcare combines traditional psychiatric treatment and integrative medicine-based treatments to optimize the body and mind.
Dr. Sndyer is an attending physician on staff in the Department of Psychiatry at Beth Israel Medical Center. She also holds a teaching appointment at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and is an assistant attending with a teaching appointment at Weill-Cornell in the Payne Whitney Women’s Program.
Dr Synde is also Director of Women’s Health for Family Health Associates. the Postpartum Support International (PSI) Board of Directors as the Research Chair. and her mission is to de-stigmatize mental health issues that affect women during pregnancy and postpartum.
She is also a marathon runner, mother of three and wife to a wonderful husband.