Ok. todays guests are Kim O’Neill and Craig Dubecki are both authors and today we will speak to them both about their new book releases. I love how the Universe works in its synchronicity. Kim is from California and Craig is from Canada and yet, both have written about an experience where a bad breakup rendered them …well let’s say pretty bent out of shape. Today, both are thriving and helping others navigate the rough waters they had to overcome.
Kim Oneill is a former crime analyst ( already she is intriguing) who is also a speaker, trainer, youth mentor, author, empowerment coach and internet radio host who is ceritified with both the ICF and as a Law of Attraction Coach, . She is also a Reiki Master Practitioner, Infinite Possibilities Trainer, and her radio show Every Day is a New Day ..can be found on BBS radio/
Website: http://positivemindedpeople.com/
Email: KimONeill@outlook.com

When Craig first handed me “So you want to be a Rock Star”, he told me that he had just handed me a new paper weight. The Truth is, while it does indeed have 564 pages it’s anything but a paperweight. This may be one of the most unique, intriguing, and incredibly built books you will ever read. Craig a musician named each chapter after a song that was apropos to the scene and the storytelling within that chapter. .
It’s like Music became the score for his life, which it pretty much does for all of us.
Craig Dubecki is a representative of the Heart & Stroke Foundation, Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council, Grand River Hospital, Legacy through Axonify in Waterloo, Ontario, a performing musician, Toastmaster and public speaker connected to the Public Speakers Association out of Texas, U.S.A, and published best selling author of: So, You Just Want To Be A Rock Star and the best selling anthology, Dreaming Big Being Bold Vol. 3 with a second anthology, Sharing, due out in December of 2017.

Craig created and is owner of, The willywig WYLIWYG Principle: WYLIWYG: Where You Look Is Where You Go™; a Principle that helps people find their own personal power and to live their life through.

Living in Kitchener, Ontario Canada, Craig is also in sales & marketing for an Industrial Contractor. His three children: Blair, Maria and Andrea are what he is most blessed with in life. RIP best friend, Bing who is featured on the cover of this book, So you want to be a rock star