Maybe I am a little biased.. I did write the Foreword for author Brent Marchant’s 3rd book, aptly titled Third Real: Conscious Creation Goes Back to the Movies. For your SAMPLE, Click HERE

Brent is generously offering The Good Radio Listeners a  FREE SAMPLE of his Third Real, a book that I believe is extremely important and could be the that just might change the world.

Here are a few reviews of Third Real.. ( including yours truly)

I want to thank Brent for opening the door to explore these concepts through film. But, as important as it is to apply them in our individual lives, perhaps the most significant way we can make use of them is in our collective efforts. As Brent so prophetically observes in these pages, “As I noted in this book’s Introduction, our third reel/third real moment is when we get down to brass tacks. So let’s go for it—and manifest a reality truly worth living for.” And, in my opinion, there you have the true message of this book—manifesting a REALITY worth LIVING for!

Noted self-help author Napoleon Hill coined the phrase, “If we can conceive it, we can achieve it.” Now that we have conceived of the idea of drawing upon the art of film to allow us to influence the mass collective and consciously create the means to save our planet, isn’t this a concept worth exploring? In pursuing that goal, let Brent help be your guide.

Thank you, Brent, for giving us such a thoughtful book to help us achieve this ambitious and worthy aim. Indeed, if we follow the lead provided here, there’s no telling what we might achieve.

Frankie Picasso
Social-preneur, Talk Show Host, Artist, Author and Champion for Change
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Brent Marchant’s Third Real: Conscious Creation Goes Back to the Movies serves up a sequel worthy of the franchise the award-winning author has established through his two previous titles. Building on the concepts he introduced in his prior books, Brent again draws upon film as a source of inspiration for illustrating the principles of conscious creation. This time, though, he goes beyond the basics, offering readers insights into some of the finer points of the philosophy and explaining how these significant nuances can make the practice work more effectively. Grab your popcorn, and sit back for a fun, enlightening read.

Mary Giuffre
Producer, Director, Editor, Writer

Co-Author, Scribble & Grin – 53 Rhymes for Inspiring Times