If you want to play in Tonya Hofmann’s sandbox,she has two rules for you. 1. You MUST be NICE and 2. Not be Perfect In fact, she prefers IMPERFECTION!
So WHY would one of the World’s most connected and influential globally sought after speakers be looking for imperfect people to do business with?
Why would this founder and CEO of the Public Speakers Association, winner of 4 major awards including eWomenNetwork Conference “Business Matchmaker of the Year” and Global Mentorship Award from the EBC and Host of Tonya Hofmann’s Fabulous TV Show who has been featured on no less than 5 magazine Covers and written 7 BEST SELLERS want to do business with people who aren’t Perfect???? Tune in and FIND OUT WHY!
Tonya truly is Unstoppable having to overcome dyslexia, sexual abuse and more.