Mission Unstoppable Host Frankie Picasso had a great time chatting with Robert Clancy this week.
Robert Clancy is a husband, father and 5th degree master black belt martial arts instructor.. He is also a gifted technology entrepreneur and cofounder of Spiral Design Studio (SpiralDesign.com) who for over 28 years has lead an award winning creative team in the evolution of major corporate brands, marketing & web development.
He is also a #1 bestselling author, spiritual teacher, inspirational speaker and minister from New York and on Oct. 3rd released his latest book, Soul Cyphers ?Decoding a life of Hope and Happiness which made it to BEST SELLER Status within hours of it’s release. Robert is also the author of The Hitchhikers guide to the Soul and his second book, Daily Downloads and Fortune Cookies from the Universe i
He is a regular contributor on Los Angeles KABC Radio’s syndicated Late Night Health Radio, and today 630,ooo people worldwide follow his divinely inspired thoughts on his Facebook page, GUIDE to the Soul.
For 30 years, Robert Clancy carried a secret around with him and it wasn’t until the night of his Mother’s passing that he finally shared it with his Father. At the age of nineteen, Robert had a divine spiritual experience that greatly altered his life and he was given a Mission to inspire and comfort the world.