Judy Hoberman is the President of SELLING IN A SKIRT, and is known around the world as the Gender Expert when it comes to the differences between women and men at work, in sales, and in their lives.
Judy is also an International Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Mentor and Radio Host. Her brand is Selling in a Skirt, an acronym for Skills, Keys to Success, Inspiration, Results Oriented and Time Management.
Last year, Judy made a vow to help ONE Women Every day succeed in their careers/lives. This year, she has started a Foundation in conjunction with her latest book, Walking on the Glass Ceiling, that will see a significant take from the proceeds from book sales and other sources to GIVE to the Charities that mean so much to the women whose lives she will be impacting. The Foundation’s purpose will be to support and empower women by sourcing, publishing, and distributing educational materials for women in leadership and organizations that support women in leadership.
Judy spoke about the 7 NECESSARY Leadership Qualities for Success. Tune in and listen to this fabulous, Fun and funny woman.