There is NO missing the Orangeness from head to toe when you see the Orange Cowboy nor the JOY that emanates from his presence.

Swami Tirtha, Monk, Shaman, Author, Healer, Intuitive, Movie writer/producer was born with a gift of precognition and the ability to channel Spirit and he joined Host Frankie Picasso this week on Mission Unstoppable Radio.

Swami  has been teaching wellness & consciousness for 4 decades. His mission is to help those conscious minded leaders UNDERSTAND that they deserve to LIVE Joy filled lives  *(we all do) and give  THEM the tools  to carry his lessons forward so that they too can help others learn to find the JOY in lives as well.  He  has even presented to the White House Alternative Medicine Commission and been a featured speaker at such Medical Universities  as John Hopkins.

Swami is the number 1 Best Selling author of Aruvedic Encyclopedia, 21 Days to Joy, The Stress Free College Student, The Bagavad Gita for Modern Times and The Aruvedic Primer.

He is currently writing a Hollywood Screenplay- a comedy about  listening to ones own heart and learning to be yourself around others.

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