Host Frankie Picasso had an amazing conversation with guest Danny Brooks, Texasippi Soul Man, Blues Artist, singer, songwriter and author about his latest book, Miracles For Breakfast- The Journey Continues. The book starts off with Danny having a heart attack as he was finishing his show on the stage of Austin Texas’, famed Threadgills, May 2nd 2010. He managed to finish the show, load up He would go on to work 5 more weeks in extreme Texas heat that was a record drought and heat wave. 100 days of 100+ degree heat. Getting back to Canada, Danny discovered he had 5 completely blocked main arteries in his heart. Recently Danny was inducted for a 2nd time into the Blues Hall of Fame in Clarksdale MS for “Great Blues Artist from Texas”! This is the second book in a 7 part series that runs the gamut from musician, drugs, alcohol addiction, heart attack, prison and much more.