Each new year heralds in changes from the previous. It’s called GROWTH if we do it correctly.

One of the changes I had promised myself to make was that of being seen more on Camera. It’s not exactly that I am shy, but rather I don’t like being seen, or inspected, or put on display. I am not sure if that makes any sense at all or if its just a weird phobia, but when smart people take time to give me advice, the least I can do it heed it, even if I take my time doing so.

One very smart lady whose advice have just implemented is Dr. Shawne Duperon, who told me to host my RADIO shows televised on Facebook. Well Shawne is a 6 time Emmy award winner so I am sure she knows what she is speaking about.

Well I couldn’t just go on TV without changing the name of this Network, so I would like to introduce you all to

  It will take some time to transition completely from Radio to Media but I will still have podcasts as well as TV shows on Youtube. I hope this makes YOU my dear listeners more interested in my upcoming shows and I know with the lineup already booked, that you will be meeting some of the most interesting folks in 2018.  Some will revisit, this time instead of just a voice you will be able to SEE them too!

Here’s to making positive changes and to never stop growing. Hugs..frankie

ps. BIG THANK YOU To Kathy Tarachione for creating my new Youtube channel and this fantastic logo.