Ringing in my first show of 2018  I am so pleased to be joined on Mission Unstoppable Radio by the  incredibly confident, talented and gorgeous, Vaneese Johnson.

Being raised by a single Mother, Vaneese and her brother grew up in a household that where  scarcity was more common than not. Determined to put the choice in her own hands, Vaneese began her training in becoming Unstoppable at the tender age of 12 . This young entrepreneur mowed lawns, baby sat and did custodial work in order to have funds to purchase her food when she wanted,  buy clothes that she liked  and free to attend school functions like dances and sporting events.

Today, Vaneese is known as The BOLDNESS Coach,   a Global Leadership Coach and Personal Brand Strategist who  teaches her clients to go forth Boldly in their  approach to business. Her goal is to help  them amplify their brand presence and make a purposeful impact in the world.

As the Boldness Coach, Vaneese has created her own  proprietary formula for success which she refers to as BOLD– Branding OUT LOUD DAILY, Building in their GIFTS (BIG) and being Branded and Distinctive ( BAD), This formula is designed to accentuate their professional presence in a corporate environments with authenticity and authority.

Vaneese has a BOLD story to tell and I can’t wait to interview her and have you hear what she has to say.

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