In one of the most courageous autobiographies I have ever read, Kerri Hummingbird shares her oft times disturbingly raw, honest,painful and ultimately beautiful transformation of her life, from a diagnoses of borderline personality disorder, bi-polar and manic depression to healing herself through spiritual tools and pursuits.
Kerri doesn’t hold back any punches, she does not hide her flaws or actions in shame, instead she helps us find compassion in her humanness, in her quest for love and understanding.
Kerri is not alone in the world. Too many of us operate from a position of fear rather than shine a light on our issues and heal them instead.
Kerri went from living a dysfunctional life to now being an award winning author, soul guide, energy medicine practitioner and host of The Soul Nector television show.
She now mentors women to rewrite the stories of their lives and is the founder of the Skills Not Pills movement where she invites people to dive into Spirituality with her.