Unstoppable Frankie Picasso wants you to meet Cameron Brown, who  is an extraordinary human being, a young man still in his 30’s but a leader non the less,  and  according to The Introducer, he is one of 10 game changers to know.

In less than two years, Cameron’s passion for helping others has grown to include an audience in 195 countries.

After selling off or donating 99 % of his belongings, Cameron left the outback of Australia, his family’s farm , and with a love for music, travel and social impact,  he has created a message that everyone around the world is listening too.

Cameron is passionate about social impact and he believes that each of us has an opportunity to help save this world by 1. making a positive impact on ourselves, 2. making a positive impact on someone else, and 3. making a positive impact on the planet.

The topics Cam speaks about include, Human Potential, creativity, sustainability and relationship development.

His message is crucial and if you believe that this world can be a better place than it is right now, then you owe it yourself and the rest of us, to make SURE you create a positive impact too.

Cameron writes songs about bullying, depression and sustainability. Make sure you download them or listen to them on youtube. Go to his website https://thrivingcollective.com/