Alex Lewis may have lost his arms and legs and part of his face, but NOTHING Stops his SPIRIT. COURAGE AND INCREDIBLE OUTLOOK ON LIFE.

On November 17th 2013 , 33 year old Alex Lewis collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.  Little did he know that during the next 3 days, he would  be fighting for his life with a less than 3 % chance of survival.

Alex thought he had a common cold, but what he had contracted was a virulent form of  Stepacous A..that resulted in his body fighting against Toxic Shock Syndrome, Septicaemia and NecrotisingFasciitis.

In an attempt to save his life, Alex, underwent a quadruple amputation and requiring extensive skin grafts and facial reconstruction as the infection ravaged his face and mouth as well as his limbs – A Devastating Loss to be sure. but WAIT.. Alex also GAINED something too..Listen in to find out what a remarkable individual Alex is and what he feels he has gained.