21 Unstoppable Women to Make History on International Women’s Day

I Bared My Chest is a story of 21 unstoppable women and their bold, brave, and ballsy journeys to personal freedom. The book will be launched on March 8, with the first-ever 24-hour live stream.

(Newswire.net — March 5, 2018) — Truth, diversity and freedom are topics that not only never go out of style, but they are also highly popular these days due to the recent events triggered by brave Hollywood actresses who revealed they suffered sexual abuse. I Bared My Chest is a book about 21 unstoppable women and their bold, brave, and ballsy journeys to personal freedom. With Me Too and Time’s up campaigns addressing “systemic power imbalances,” it seems this month will indeed be shining a light on women empowerment.

The book will be launched on March 7, and to celebrate International Women’s day, its authors will further make history by hosting the first ever 24-hour Live stream video on the Good Media Network Facebook Page from March 7th at 7:00 a.m. EST to 7:00 a.m on the 8th. In addition to also hosting their own Amazon Book Launch, the authors will gift their readers with 70% of the book’s Kindle edition specially for the event.

I Bared My Chestis about men and women, it’s about relationships, career, money, love, but most of all, it is about being unstoppable. By bearing the weight off their chest, these women provide a vulnerable yet strong message that no matter where you come from, or the hand the universe has dealt you, you can always choose to gift yourself the freedom to be unstoppable.

When 21 brave, bold and ballsy women come together and find their voice,  laughter and tears are guaranteed. But this is not one of those depressive, preachy monologues or a bunch of women shouting, “Hear me roar”. it is a deep, personal conversation where women expose their souls and most intimate secrets. By stripping their masks, they find their unique way.

No matter where you grew up or what your life experiences have been, you are bound to feel related to someone or their experience in this audio-book that aims to give its readers the freedom to soar.

This anthology is written by a Canadian radio host who got together with a Nigerian actress, a bisexual Jew, a lesbian Buddhist, a break-up coach, transgender activist, money coach, an American thought leader, an Indian men’s rights activist, an African single mother of 21 orphans, just to name a few that explain why this book covers everything from successes and failures, stories of career, of sex, love, prejudice, romance, family to money.

This honest audiobook is led by Frankie Picasso and Alex Okoroji, with the lead authors explaining that what they did is link the two brands, naked and unstoppable, together to “create a strong platform for transformation”. “We then handpicked and invited 19 of the most amazing women we knew would be bold enough to dig deep, brave enough to share their naked truth and ballsy enough to make a difference,” they add.

The book launch will be making history with over 22 hours of listening pleasure and close to 700 pages included in its 24 hour live streaming on Facebook Live. Led by Frankie Picasso, many authors will host multiple hours. The team includes Maura Sweeny, Dianne Lang, Felice Cohen, Adriana Gavazzoni, Yvonne Heath, Malaika Gilani, Chelsea Leigh Truscott, Alex Okoroji, SharRon Jamison, Suzie Carr, Luci McMonagle, Michelle Emson, Sandra Beck, Isomar Masso. Some of the guests are Mindy Gibbons, Rob Lowe, Kim O’Neill, Cathy Krafve and Peter Jennings.

I Bared My Chest – 21 Unstoppable Women Get Naked on Amazon will be available in 3 formats: hard cover, Kindle and Audible, respectively. Whoever decides to join the event which will be hosted by Good Media Network on Facebook will also receive a 70% discount on the book’s Kindle edition.

These brave, bold and ballsy authors seem determined to delight and lift the spirits of both male and female readers and create history with the book’s live launch. After the Oscar weekend which will address the social issues plaguing the country, it seems that this will indeed be a week celebrating female empowerment all around the world. What is certain is that this book addresses universal topics and is an encouragement that all of us need in today’s world, as everyone can benefit from being reminded that we have the freedom to be unstoppable.