Lynda Todd was born legally blind but that didn’t stop her from riding horses, driving a motorized Go Cart or even taking Web Design as a course of study.

It seems, everyone had Lynda labeled ‘disabled’  and forgot to tell her. Lynda prefers ‘Inconvenienced’ to disabled.

Lynda is an adrenaline junkie. This mom of two, was recently featured in an AX Throwing Video, she loves archery, tandem bike riding, pistol shooting and this summer she will be going mountain climbing in Utah.

After moving from the small town she grew up in to the big city of Peterborough, Lynda finally caved and got ‘cane’ training from the CNIB after falling flat on her face off a curb.

This incredible woman has a terrific attitude, a great sense of humour, marked by her coming in Second in the HUMOUR category at Toastmasters Masters competition.

Lynda will totally inspire you.