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Frankie Picasso interviewed husband and wife team  Brad and Kasey Wallis, who  just 10 short years ago, new relatively nothing about spirituality, or one another, but  Spirit brought them together and a new reality was forged for them – that of  facilitators of consciousness ,  speakers and global workshop leaders.

Previously, Kasey was trained as an award-winning platform stylist and hairdresser of 35 years, and Brad who worked in construction, had once been drafted to play for a professional baseball team.

In 2007 Brads sustained a massive brain injury during a car accident, and in fact, had 4 Near Death Experiences at that time. While on the ‘other side’, Brad asked the entity he met if they would come back to this side with him if he lived. To prove they were here, they spoke through the unsuspecting Kasey, who was along with her daughter for a courtesy visit to her daughters boos who was dying. This is when  Julius altered the trajectory of both their lives .

Today they  teach the wisdom of this group of higher entities known as Julius, while facilitating those around them to heal all their limitations and fear. Instead, they wish us to choose to release our creative flow.

Brad and Kasey  have appeared on over 400 radio and television shows and today they entered FrankieSense & More. Experts in channeling, spiritual growth, empowerment, and enlightenment, Brad and Kasey Wallis are showing people how to understand their Matrix through R-Factoring.