Dean Sluyter is the best selling author of the book Natural Meditation and his latest book Fear Less- Living Beyond Fear, Anxiety, Anger and Addiction , is well on its way to becoming a best seller in it’s own right.

Dean joined host Frankie Picasso on FrankieSense & More to chat about his latest book.

Frankie observes that “Dean is funny, highly engaging and very chill”. He starts teaching meditation by taking the mystery out of it. Everyone can do it, if it’s hard , you aren’t doing it correctly. He starts by telling you to breathe through the soles of your feet.  That’s it. If you can imagine the bottom of your feet and breathing at the same time, you have begun to meditate.m/c/TheGoodMediaNetwork

The book builds on this method throughout but what remains is the peaceful , easy, natural method of Dean.

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