Bill Bennett is a writer, producer and director of more than sixteen feature films, four dramatized documentaries and five feature length documentaries. His feature films have won numerous awards, including, Best Picture, Best Director and Best Writer.  He is also an Adjunct Professor of Screen Studies at one of Australia’s largest universities, Queensland University of Technology and this year penguin Random House in his young adult trilogy Palace of Fires

Today , we will be speaking Bill about his feature documentary PGS – Intuition is Your Personal Guidance System

A Voice told Bill Bennett to SLOW down. Slow Down he thought? I want to speed up to catch the green light. Bill was on his way to the airport. The Voice told him again ” SLOW DOWN”.. so he did. Those precious seconds bought Bill his life. A transport truck barreled through the intersection and Bill, well he was a hairs breadth away from sure death. It made him wonder? Who or What was that Voice? Where did it come from? Join Frankie and Brent Marchant as we interview Bill about this life altering journey. Bill is the Producer and director of his documentary- PGS- Intuition is Your Personal Guidance System. Bill Bennett who used to be a Control freak, made this movie totally using an intuitive approach. The people featured in this film, he had never heard of before starting his journey, despite them being hUGE names in the spiritual world. Folks like  James Von Praagh, Jim Carrol, Paul Selig, Caroline Myss and many more