As a mother and human being I was devastated when I read about Amal Hussain, the young refugee girl who died from malnutrition in a northern Yemin refugee camp. 
As a Mother and Grandmother, I can’t even imagine the heartbreak of watching day after day, your child starving to death and not being able to do a DAMN thing about it. Not to mention worrying about your other children. Will the same fate befall them?
Let me ask you….
‘If you were given the opportunity to SAVE Amal, would you have done it? I’d like to think so, but reality is telling a different story.’ Too many people in the USA were LOUDLY opposed to letting the Syrian refugees into their country and NOW they don’t want to help the South American ‘Vermin”, who are on a bridge walking towards Mexico.
Have you EVER thought about what it might be like if YOUR family was torn apart by war? If it was YOUR children that were sick and dying? Would you ask or wonder WHY doesn’t someone help me? Especially the someone’s in the rich, verdant , lush, food filled USA where we throw away more food than we can consume.

It breaks my heart that too many cannot SEE that these people are your brothers and sisters. YES even though their skin colour is different and their language is different, their DNA is the same. HUMAN!

Why DO we NEED BORDERS? Why do we even need countries? What would happen if we all worked together for the common good of all? Why does there have to be rich countries and poor when there is more than enough for all? Who cares if someone doesn’t contribute evenly ? Money is just one kind of exchange. KINDNESS is another.
Christmas is just around the corner and we are a few days past Halloween, but I for one am having a really hard time this year imagining all the money spent on yard decorations alone that could be feeding and housing refugees. These people are not at fault. The Rwandans weren’t at fault, The Jews weren’t at fault but NO ONE wanted to take them in either. Are we SO GREEDY that we can’t share? Really? What’s the real FEAR?
If you have seen this video making the rounds, I sure hope you will take a few minutes to watch it. Much love to All Gods Children…Frankie