My dear friend and former Metaphysical Hypnosis Instructor Georgina Cannon, sent this Invocation out to assist anyone who wishes to add their voice to stop the fires in California , save the firefighters  and heal the people and animals who are beng ravaged by this viscious fire.

‘Please add your Voice to Spirit and link to the Consciousness of us all. ..frankie

California is again experiencing ferocious wildfires and what is expected to be the deadliest and most destructive fire outbreaks in state history.
Many fires are engulfing the state and are continuing to spread into densely populated communities and the sacred nature.
The Camp Fire in northern California has burned down more than 6,700 homes, even taking an entire town. In southern California, the continuing Woolsey Fire has scorched nearly 90,000 acres with evacuation orders in effect for a quarter million people in Ventura and Los Angeles counties.
One of the most powerful things we can do to assist this dire situation is to call in the divine intervention and consciously merge with the forces of the elements to help bring calm to the winds and intentional rain.
Will you join us in this group activity and as soon as possible?
Below is an invocation activity to give support to your calls. Please say it with full conviction followed by a brief meditative visualization.
For more information, please google the California fires.
Let’s go into action now!!
In the name of God and the Great Presence of all life, we call forth and invoke Divine Intervention from the realms of light to assist in stabilizing the massive outbreak of fires raging in California.
By and through universal law, we call into immediate dynamic action…
* The spirit of the Earth
* The powers of nature and the forces of the elements
* The legions of angels assisting Earth’s evolution
* The field of Unity Consciousness
Please come and amplify our efforts one thousand fold in accordance with the highest good of all. THY WILL BE DONE!
Beloved Creator, send the transforming universal light into ALL of these wild fires to neutralize and calm the destructive effects. May these fires be immediately contained with an impenetrable bubble of pure spiritual energy. THY WILL BE DONE!
Assisting angels and elemental family, bring CALM, CALM, CALM to the winds. Let the rains pour over the land in all of the affected regions. Drench, soak and saturate the land with the flow of rain until all fires are dissolved. THY WILL BE DONE!
Please give protection to all of the brave men and women fighting these fires with an invincible shield of Cosmic Power. Bless them with unlimited energy and every possible means of support. Expand this field of protection to all people, wildlife and nature in the affected areas. THY WILL BE DONE!
Assisting angels and elemental family, please clear the air of all toxic smoke and chemicals caused by the fires. Guard the health and safety of all residents along with their homes that may stand in the fires path. Stand vigil at their sides until all fires have ceased. THY WILL BE DONE!
Great Divine Presence, may this intervention and its containing matrix be made imperishable, eternally sustained, all powerfully active and ever expanding until the Divine Plan is fulfilled for California and its beloved residents.
We seal this activity in Cosmic Peace.
* Talk to the fire elementals. Lend them your inner peace. See them responding in great calm.
* Breathe as one with the element of air. See the winds calming to support the firefighters in their containment efforts.
* Become one with the water element. Visualize the rains coming immediately dampening the flames.
* Give your prayers up for the people, animals and nature already affected.
* Project safety to all people, homes and firefighters currently experiencing this fiery battle. Send your strength to all volunteers and agencies assisting.