Frankie Picasso host of Mission Unstoppable Radio  interviewed Author, Artist, Scientist and former Atheist, Nancy Rynes about her Near Death Experiences and the Mission she received to share with humanity.

Nancy Rynes was an avid cyclist who  easily road 30 0r 40 miles a few days a week. When she entered a round a bout, a large SUV entered at the same time and struck her down. The vehicle’s driver was completely absorbed in texting, and unaware that she had plowed into Nancy, dragging both her and her bike down the street for 50 ft or more. When the Vehicle finally  came to a stop, horrified onlookers ran into the road blocking the vehicle. Nancy was underneath the car sporting multiple injuries.

While waiting for the ambulance and later during surgery, Nancy had two life altering  experiences while having a  Near Death Experience.

She came back with a message from the Heavens, and this is her story.