The Summer of  July, 2004 was momentous for Lehman Riley and his cousin Paul Dixon. Together they founded  the

Matter of Africa America Time Corp and by September , Lehman had written and published the first of  his 7 books based on memories of their Grandfather Papa Lemon.
The books teach about  history, and help open up conversations between kids and adults that help them navigate diversity, bullying, even depression.   The first book featured Reverend Martin Luther King, a time machine train and 5 racially diverse  friends.
Lehman Riley was recognized and endorsed by/from the Executive Director of NAMI.. the National Alliance of Mental Illness of Minnesota who asked  the groups they serve to support his efforts to teach youth about Depression.  1 in 5  Youth may experience mental illness. This book shows kids how to support a friend who is depressed and where to seek help if they are the person who is depressed.