If our  thoughts are so powerful that they can cause illness to form inside our bodies then it makes sense that we need to be in  better control of our minds.  Former Stroke Patient,  MindShift Coach and International Poker Player and Coach Donna Blevins, is living PROOF that her MIndShift Techniques work! In her latest book MindShift on Demand, Donna offers readers the ability to use her techniques in an easy , simple way to get the effects they are looking – Quickly and On DEMAND.

Donna’s techniques allow you to  instantly remove Fear, anxiety, or any other unwanted thoughts or feelings by shifting gears in your brain, just like you would a car.

Donna asked God for PROOF her program works and seconds later she was laying on the floor, the result of a blood clot to her brain. Donna just had a stroke. She could no longer speak, and everyone round her thought she was incoherent, but she wasn’t. Donna overheard her lengthy prognosis and it wasn’t good news. She refused to heed those conversations, instead used her powerful tools to heal herself and 3 days later, was chatting up a storm like nothing happened.