Jordan Goldberg, former CEO, and Co Founder for the Commitment based platform stickK, joins Frankie Picasso to discuss the field of Behavioral Economics and how it drives behavior in goal setting and achieving.

stickK is an app that promises to help people like you and I achieve our  life, business, health, and career goals. With a 61 percent success rate, StickK really seems to work on any kind of goal, including weightloss, business goals, relationships, just about anything you want to make yourself do. 

Tune in as we   delve into this fascinating world with Jordan and discusses the tools of the trade such as the  use of nudging , framing, social proof, scarcity, commitment devices and even the ethics behind what the behavior economists can choose for us to do.

Jordan who graduated from Yale University in 2006 with a BA in American Studies, currently serves as a consultant in applied behavioral economics, working with startups to fortune 500 companies in efforts to nudge customer and/or employee decisions towards desired outcomes, in both digital and retail experiences.

Jordan is a recipient of Yale School of Management’s Silver Anniversary Scholarship, a scholarship to the MBA program awarded to six undergraduate students each year.