Meet Patrick Barrasso, founder and director of one of the most innovative and effective substance abuse treatment centres for young male teens in the United States, In Balance Ranch Academy,  located near Tuscon,  Arizona.

Patrick and his family have built a school and ranch dedicated to helping young men and their families overcome this devastating abuse of self, and learn new coping mechanisms that feed their soul rather wreck it like  drugs/alcohol.  Patrick wants them to know that they can have fun while being clean. Hence the boys learn through equine therapy, snow boarding, they go to a gym, go camping, explore native spirituality, while going to a 12 step program in the US and visiting one out of the country, cognitive behaviour therapy, and other modalities.

Patrick is a noted psychotherapist with over 25 years of extensive training and experience in adolescent and adult substance abuse and mental health treatment.

He is a  frequent presenter at both local and national conferences including the U.S. Journal Training National conferences, and the FACES, Family and Addiction Conferences and Educational Seminars on a variety of adolescent treatment topics including the challenges of overcoming the culture of adolescent substance abuse.

Patrick is also  the founder of FreshStart, an Arizona non-profit organization that raises funds for substance abuse treatment scholarships.

He belongs to the NATSAP Board and is the liaison to the Government Relations Committee helping treatment throughout the US.


He also serves  on the Pima County Commission on Addiction, Prevention & Treatment, trying to improve services in his  local community for individuals who have drug and alcohol issues and cannot afford treatment