Frankie Picasso, host of Mission Unstoppable chats with Craig Pomranz, a Singer, Songwriter, Song Stylist, voice actor, author, dancer and much more.
 Craig Pomranz is said to have– “one of the dreamiest voices in music”.  He is a winner of a MAC award ( Best Male Vocalist), as well as a TOR Award- actor in a musical venue but it's his first book, "Made By Raffi",  that caught my attention.  As you all know, I love anything that allows for diversity to thrive. I can’t imagine having to go through life, HIDING the real me or you having to hide the  real YOU..although we all know, many people  do. Why do we have to be such conformists? Why can’t we appreciate all the colours instead of the 7 the always show defining a rainbow,? Who are we to judge others for their uniqueness?
Craig Pomranz has written a beautiful book for kids title and adults Made by Raffi