Kyle Bryant joins host Frankie Picasso on Mission Unstoppable Radio.

Kyle Bryant was diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia, at 17, a life shortening illness that threatened to put this athlete in a wheel chair in his 20’s. Needing some control over his life, Kyle decided he would  ride 2500 miles on his bike to raise money and awareness for his disease. Little did he know, he would really find himself.
As the miles passed on by, Kyle Bryant made a huge self discovery, one that not only changed his own life, but impacts the lives of anyone who reads his brilliant memoir, Shifting into High Gear.

You see, whether one is able bodied, have a rare disease like Kyle or face a hang nail, each of us has a choice about three things. 1. How we choose to define ourselves, 2. What limits we place on ourselves, and 3. How much of ourselves we are going to give back for the greater good!

However, as time moved on, Kyle began to see that he was not in this disease by himself. That there were opportunities for him to build community and be an example for others despite the obstacles that lay before him, the FA community and their families\

Kyle chose to break free from self imposed limits and limited thinking. He allowed the definition of himself to expand even as his disease took away. some of his others see defeat. abilities. It is a courageous person who shows up to really Live live where