It always feels amazing when a book has finally come together and been launched. It is especially rewarding when the book is about one’s own father.

For Want of 40 pounds is a story that has taken my Dad 94 years to tell, but I think you will find it worth it. My friend and colleague Peter Jennings and I co-wrote this book. Peter provided some much needed objectivity, while I tell you where the ‘bodies are buried’

So many people over the years have said, “Wow Bert, You really should write a book ‘.. and now, well we have.

When one gets to the age of 94, it is very difficult to purchase something, a gift that someone that age needs, doesn’t already have /want/ etc…but I can GUARANTEE THIS. My Father has never had a #1 BEST SELLING BOOK! Please join me tomorrow on March 18th on AMAZON.COM Worldwide and buy your own copy of this incredible tale.  This is a story of FREEDOM, Overcoming Persecution with Perseverance, LOSS with SUCCESS, FEAR with COURAGE and Despair with TRIUMPH.

It is a story for ALL IMMIGRANTS, anyone who has had to leave their friends and family behind because of persecution.  IT is a story of survival.