Wendy Zelond is an executive VP of Enbridge Gas, a mother, wife, author who definitely has a new perspective on what it takes for a woman to Leader, Mentor, and Encourage other Women to reach their potential.

Frankie Picasso, host of Mission Unstoppable interviews Wendy Zelond, who  made the executive suite at the age of 36 and is leading the charge to empower women in a male-dominated industry – all with a leadership style that is anything but ordinary. As the VP of Finance for a major Gas company, Wendy is  bringing heart, zest and her native Texas y’all to transform corporate culture, her energy is infectious and motivates those around her.  Wendy shares her secrets to success, encouraging all women to start conversations with each other on topics that are already on their minds.” And you can read about it in her book, We Talk We Lead.. or stay with us and you can join us in conversation if you are watching us live.