Host Frankie Picasso interviews musician/artist/author, David Young. 
David plays the double recorder and his music has been called “the most heavenly, healing music on the planet,” with over 20,000 healers and healing centers using his music daily. 

in fact , over 1 Million copies of his songs have been sold worldwide.

In 2011, David started to paint  and his paintings which have now been  sold at the biggest art festivals in the United States :including  Coconut Grove in Miami, Lincoln Center in New York and Ann Arbor Michigan, to name a few began to tell a story. 
Painted almost two years before people at this events began giving him messages that Jesus wanted to speak to him.

As David’s career transitioned into meditation events,  to date, over 7000 attendees relay speaking to Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Kwan Yin. and many other Deities and Ascended Masters. His latest book, The True Story of Jesus and his wife Mary Magdelena may be his most controversial given this is not a religious book and David is not a Christian. 

He does however,  have a fascinating story to tell on how all this came to be.