Join host Frankie Picasso of Mission Unstoppable when her guest this Tuesday, October 22nd at 1:o0 pm EST is James Twyman.

St. Francis Goes to Broadway

NY Times Bestselling Author and Famed “Peace Troubadour” James Twyman
Will Travel the U.S. Penniless, Performing His New Musical Based on the Life of
St. Francis of Assisi on the Way to Off-Broadway

Twyman calls forth St. Francis’ values of inclusion, respect for all living beings and peaceful co-existence as a clarion call in a world so divided and dissonant

Trusting in the goodness and generosity of others to provide transportation, housing and sustenance, in the same manner as St. Francis, Twyman will cross the U.S., inviting ticket holders and even the homeless for a night of inspiration

The “Brother Sun, Sister Moon Musical Tour” will arrive in Portland, Santa Barbara, Phoenix, Sedona, Santa Fe, Kansas City, St Louis, Chicago, Cleveland and Philadelphia

Follows Directly on the Heels of his Newest Bestseller Giovanni and the Camino of St. Francis