In 2015, Dutch filmmaker Renee Scheltema, while living in Capetown , S. Africa, gave birth to an extraordinary award winning documentary titled Normal is Over. It took Renee over 4 years to film, produce,  edit and fund this one woman project but its definitely a labor of love.  This documentary covers the many ways humans have inadvertently put our planet in peril and instead of just laying blame, Renee went searching for solutions to some of the most brilliant minds on the planet.

In 2019, Renee updated her original film and titled it Normal is Over 1.1.  It is still about humanity’s wisest response to climate change, species extinction, resource depletion, income inequality and the link between these issues. The COVID19 also relates to this story of global decline.
This film Connects the dots: A look at the financial and economical paradigm underlying our planetary problems, while offering various SOLUTIONS to reverse the path of global decline.

The film mixes accurate, relevant content with humor, and suggests ways how we can take positive practical action and change our lifestyles for future generations.

With an open mind, investigative journalist Renée Scheltema investigates the cause, and symptoms of our crisis while offering hope. She meets experts, and pioneers all over the world, trying to stave off global decline. They concentrate on matters such as ecological economics, organic agriculture, renewable energy, saving species, reducing plastic, our carbon footprints, sustainable finance, and more.