Mission Unstoppable Host Frankie Picasso welcomes  guest Kim Stanwood Terranova to the show.  Kim is woman on a mission whose passion is to assist individuals to experience true inner greatness and unlimited, authentic joy. She has been dubbed the chiropractor of the mind, and the master teacher of intentional living. Kim holds a license as a Practitioner of Truth from The Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, and she has also earned a Bachelor's Degree in Spiritual Studies. For over three decades she has immersed herself in the application and practice of universal spiritual truth and wisdom.  https://kimstanwoodterranova.com 

Today we are going to dive into her new book . The Technology of Intention: Activating the Power of the Universe Within You
In a quote from her book, Kim states "
When I speak of spiritual technology, I am referring to the tools that support us and empower us to live in conscious contact with Spirit, the Universe, or God, whatever we name it. The tools that awaken our soul and mind, the tools that keep us present and available for more good than we can imagine. They include and expand beyond meditation, prayer, visioning, gratitude, acknowledgment, transformational breath-work, visualization, yoga and my personal favorite, INTENTION!