Frankie Picasso host of Mission Unstoppable interviewed the  multi talented  Corey Poirier!

On the surface, Corey Poirier is a juxtoposition of contrasts. He is a self proclaimed highschool washout and former hypochondriac who didn't

read a book until his 20's but somehow he managed to explode his way to the top the World Stage of Motivation, Speaking and Coaching to become a phenomenal Success!

Corey is a multiple TEDX Speaker, has a top Rated radio show, Let’s Do Influencing’ Radio Show, founder of The Speaking Program, founder bLU Talks and a columnist with Entrepreneur and Forbes magazine. He has interviewed over 6000 of the Worlds Top Leaders and his in latest The Book of Why ( and How) he teaches folks like you and I, how to determine their passion, purpose, and mission while also leveraging the top habits of the world’s top achievers

Corey has just launched his latest book, The Book of Why (and How) and can be purchased here.