Frankie Picasso host of Mission Unstoppable Radio interviewd Marcy T. Rogers, CEO and Founder of SpineMark, a woman who has built her executive career in creating niche supercenters of excellence. She began her career helping kids with  craniodiaphyseal dysplasia and worked with Cher, who made the movie Mask about this condition,

Marcy moved to Los Angeles and began working with pain patients in the area of the Spine. She founded Spinemark and with a consortium of businesses has been on the forefront of innovation and research in the areas of Brain injury and concussion, pain relief, alzheimers and more.
This amazing woman is a leader, a world change agent who has the biggest heart.
At her core, she is focused on the patient to the extent that she created several 501c3 charities, to assist patients to pay or totally fund their treatments.

Currently the products she has brought to market include,  Prevacus, a drug that would battle  concussions on the cellular level and PREVPRO already on the market – PreVPro, a “brain shield” topical cream that claims to “prophylactically support the brain” if applied before activities that could result in head impact. Brett Farve is a major investor in this product.