Mission Unstoppable host Frankie Picasso interviews Gary Polk author of Why Black and Brown Entrepreneurs Fail (to Win) on December 3rd., at 1:00 pm EST at http://facebook.com/thegoodradionetwork

Since March, 41% of Black and 32% of Brown businesses in the U.S. have closed.


When author Gary Polk started writing Why Black and Brown Entrepreneurs Fail (to Win), prior to COVID-19, he used his 29 years of experience as a Black businessman, CEO, business consultant, university professor and author, to draw his conclusions. While things have changed since the pandemic began, the need to know you are doing the right things correctly has intensified.


His first book, Why Entrepreneurs Fail (to Win), is widely used as a text book in college entrepreneurship programs. Why Black and Brown Entrepreneurs Fail (to Win), is intended for entrepreneurs and those who want to be. It will be available at Amazon on December 1.


When asked how Black and Brown entrepreneurs are different, Professor Polk cited:

– Cultural differences that get in the way

– Self-doubt that holds them back

– Access to capital

– Not realizing the need to establish a strong network before needing it

– Not knowing their why

– Not viewing entrepreneurship as a team sport


He’s also a proponent of social entrepreneurship and will launch the Polk Institute of Social Entrepreneurship, https://polk-ise.org, on January 15, 2021.


Focused on the triple bottom line, “People, Planet, Profit,” Gary believes they align to drive success for everyone involved.


Yes, a third book is scheduled for publication this time next year…Why Women Entrepreneurs Fail (to Win).