Mission Unstoppable Host Frankie Picasso, interviews Peacemaker CEO Carole Krechman, Executive Director, Suzan Harvey and past film festival winner, Ainura Kudaibergen.

What are our youth thinking and feeling during this time of a global pandemic, international protests and uncertain future? You might be surprised at their thought provoking questions and commentary,” stated Carole Sumner Krechman, Peace in the Streets Film Festival founder.
‘Kids from 8-18 are invited to submit a short -1-5 minute video

Over 30 youths will receive awards for their one-to five-minute films…about the issues uppermost on their minds…and how they propose to create peace. More than 1,000 films from 30 countries on six continents have been submitted since the festival launched in 2013. Many of the winning films can be viewed at https://psgff.org/. The PSGFF app is powered by LogosE.

Peace in the Streets Global Film Festival will have its award ceremonies online this year while helping the United Nations celebrate its 75 Anniversary.
PITSGFF is part of Peacemakers Corp, a group who help youth promote Peace in the Streets.
This years Winner will be announced on Dec. 15th, 2020, If you download the Peace in the streets global film festival App, you can watch all 1000 of the entries from over the years.

Stories of previous winners are remarkable as are their films. For example:

Ainura Kudaibergen received the “Teen Art of Making Peace Award “in 2015 for her film “A Message to the Entire World in One Sentence.” Watch it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LWnf6tau3o&t=46s. Ever since then, she has recruited other youths to submit films to the PSGFF. Born in Kazakhstan, Ainura considers herself an “international citizen,” having moved a great deal all her life. She’s graduating from NYU next month with a degree in Media Communications.

Other impressive youths have been involved with the Peacemakers Corps Association long term. Consider Nicole Johnson who became their first youth delegate in 2011, prior to the existence of the film festival. She’s been involved and grown with Peacemakers ever since, speaking at conferences, recruiting film submissions from students, even served as a judge this year. A graduate of NYU with a Bachelor’s degree in Ethics, Management and Production from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, Nicole is completing her Master’s degree at NYU in Education Policy and Health and Wellness Optimization. Nicole is also the Founder and Creative Director of Javanna Productions, a non-profit arts and education company with upwards of 650 members of all ages in 16 states and nine different countries www.proudtobeamover.com.