Mission Unstoppable Host Frankie Picasso interviews author Peter Jennings and Tom Sandler. .Peter was asked by Tom Sandler, Ruth’s son to take on the task of writing her biography, a book they titled,  Until I Smile at You, about legendary songwriter Canadian Ruth Lowe.
It reveals the life of one of the 20th century’s most enduring musical talents: a young girl named Ruth Lowe, who wrote the song that dynamited Frank Sinatra’s career into the stratosphere in 1940. In fact, “I’ll Never Smile Again” charted on Billboard for an unheard of 12 weeks. As Nancy Sinatra writes in the book’s Foreword, “There’s a reason why ‘I’ll Never Smile Again’ has endured: it was a perfect song, interpreted by the perfect singer, at the perfect time.”

Ruth was no one-hit-wonder: she went on to write Sinatra’s theme song, “Put Your Dreams Away” (the last song played at his funeral) plus 50 other tunes for Broadway and Hollywood