Mission Unstoppable Host Frankie Picasso interviews author Mike Anthony and Medium Angelina Diana about his book Love Dad. 

When Mike's Dad Robert died suddenly at age 60.  he did everything he could to let his  family  know he was OK.  That may seem strange for a dead guy, but somehow he got a message to a 2nd cousin of Mikes who worked with a medium who relayed this first message. Of course Mike wanted to believe, but the skeptic, scientist in him needed to apply a means of testing and loads of research before he would believe this was actually his father reaching out from the other side. 
He visited medium after medium to make sure he wasn't being duped.   Mike's story can be seen on Netflix's, Surviving Death.
Angelina Diana has the distinction of being the first medium to be certified by Forever Family Foundation( The organization featured in Episode 4 of Survivng death on Netflix)   when they began their program in 2005. Angelina Diana also participated in the prestigious Mediumship Afterlife Tests, The Veritas Research program  under the direction of noted author & scientist, Dr. Gary Schwartz, of the University of Arizona, Tucson.