Director Jeff Kaufman and partner Producer Marcia Ross, joined Mission Unstoppable host and TGRN Movie Critic Brent Marchant, to discuss their feature documentary titled Nasrin.

Nasrin Satoudeh, is an Iranian attorney and Human Rights activist who is currently imprisoned in  Iran’s notorious Evin Prison for defending a woman’s right not to wear a hijab. She received 148 lashes and 38 years in jail for speaking out against this. Nasrin defends women children, LBGTQ, political prisoners and those who received death sentences. She is one of the most courageous of women , and she deserves our help in getting her out.
Nasrin is a 58 year old wife and mother who went in a 38 day hunger strike. She was released for 2 weeks to regain her health and was sent back to prison. She was originally sentenced in 2018.

Jeff and Marcia made this film without setting foot in Iran. The folks who helped them get the footage were very brave.PLEASE SIGN THIS AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PETITION TO RELEASE NASRIN